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Top 5 jobs for the sustainability professional

If last week’s Earth Day got you in the mood to take your professional skills in a more sustainable direction, you’re not alone. Fortunately, gone are the days when you needed an environmental science degree for a job that helps the planet. Sustainable oriented careers can range from consulting to finance, and from research to project management. What’s especially encouraging is that many of these purposeful jobs exist with companies beyond the traditional environmental organizations.

Here are our top 5 jobs for professionals who also love sustainability.

Director, Natural Capital Lab at the Natural Step

This unique position provides the opportunity to contribute to the realization of a new, more sustainable society in Canada. The Director, Natural Capital Lab is the Design and Development lead for this program.

Associate Analyst Financials at Sustainalytics

This research role helps provide critical information for people and companies looking to incorporate ESG and sustainability into their investment processes, which supports companies with environmental initiatives be successful in the long run.

Sustainability Specialist at LUSH Cosmetics

This role will help the company implement retail sustainability initiatives that also engage employees and customers to adopt more sustainable practices at work and at home.

Director, Sustainability Accounting at Manulife  

This job will assist Manulife in creating an ecological and social balance sheet for its business that includes the cost of key externalities and the financial value of the company’s ecological assets (agriculture, oil and gas, timber etc.) going beyond the traditional CSR reporting frameworks.

New Manager, Sustainability Risk Assurance at PWC 

This is a cross functional role where you will have the opportunity to work on strategy, advisory, assurance and management system projects in a broad array of sectors including: mining, oil & gas, utilities, financial services, asset management, forestry, retail, consumer goods as well as the public sector.

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