Top 7 secrets of a successful CV to land you that dream CSR career

Your resume is your first touch point to your next job. It serves as your initial introduction, highlighting your professional skills, experience, and personality. So it’s all about making a good first impression and using that moment to effectively show why you should be considered! It’s time for you to prepare an all-covering and persuasive resume that will make any employer understand that you are the perfect candidate. Here are some tips that will help you draft your winning CV.

Secret #1 – Brevity

With a stack of resumes to review, hiring managers tend to have their hands quite full and will likely use tools to help them filter through the initial applications. CV’s that may be too wordy or too long may not be seen due to filtration tools or protective programs like purevpn. This is why brevity will be a plus. Try to keep within a maximum of two pages (however, it is better to stick to the 1-page standard) and listing only the most recent companies you’ve worked at along with those that you are particularly proud of.

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Secret #2 – Alter your resume to the position

Modifying your resume to the job you are applying for is highly recommended to help create a more concise CV and be seen as a suitable fit to the organization. One way to highlight your most important skills is to list them at the top of the resume and to then elaborate further in the resume on the projects you have worked on that are related to those skills and to the specific job requirements you are applying to. For example, if the job application requires the candidate to have a specific IT skill, then be sure to show that you have this skill by adding a bullet within your work experience in which you used such a skill.

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Secret #3 – Personal information

After the hiring manager has been blown away by your incredible skills and related experience, you’ll want to be sure they have a way of contacting you for that next interview. Be sure to add your personal data in an area that is clearly visible (most commonly at the top of your CV). You can even spice it up a little by using a contrasting colour or a bold font to highlight this information.

Secret #4 – Education 

Unless it is very important for the position, the education section is better placed at the end of the resume. It is usually enough to indicate your highest degree, without talking too much about your high-school achievements, etc. Listing individual courses are usually not necessary and should only be added if essential for the job. In this section, you can also specify languages ​​that you know, certificates you have, etc.

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Secret #5 – Submit your resumes in PDF format

A document in PDF is displayed identically on any machine, whereas a Word document can sometimes change fonts and layouts. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry, espeically after all that work you just did to make your CV perfect!

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