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The recruitment revolution: Why promoting culture matters

The demographic tidal wave we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Millennials now outnumber Boomers in the workplace. That means a company’s next hire is likely a Millennial, and HR is taking notice. There’s a growing focus within recruitment to learn what it takes to grab the attention of a generation that’s always plugged in and bombarded with information from social media. Next week, for example, TalentEgg hosts The National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference to discuss industry best practices for campus recruitment.

What we’ve learned from our research is that Millennials want to know three key things about their next job: how they contribute to the impact, what the corporate culture is like, and what they’re career growth opportunities are. In other words, Millennials want meaningful work that suits their personality and provides a pathway for personal development. But this isn’t just a Millennial thing, the research of Paul Fairlie has shown that all generations seek meaningful work. Meaningful work matters because it’s routinely prioritized above income, job security and hours.

Now more than ever it’s critical that companies showcase those aspects of their organization that influence where top talent apply. That’s why we created Company Profiles, to allow companies to promote their impact, culture and people who make their workplace unique. A Company Profile complements the standard job description and employer branding efforts.

Going behind the scenes of companies isn’t a novel concept, themuse is a well known example, but crafting a company profile that promotes impact to professionals passionate about meaningful work is. The recruitment game is changing and the new playing field is Company Profiles.

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