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Add this to your next conversation. Social impact in the news – week of Sept. 26th

When you’re deciding where to go for lunch…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encouraged Canadian businesses to embrace globalization and look at the potential $5 Trillion dollar market in China as a way to grow business. Oh and maybe use Alibaba’s e-commerce platform to do so. Trudeau spoke at an event in Ottawa hosted by Alibaba, to discuss free trade, globalization and the opportunities outside our borders and (perhaps even those of NAFTA’s borders.)

When you’re making a bet… 

Investors think Groupon’s cofounder Eric Lefkofsky’s new company, Tempus, could cure Cancer. He just raised  $70 million in Series C funding to do just that. They’re all in.

When you’re tying your shoe… 

American President Donald Trump seems slightly obsessed with whether or not NFL players knelt or stood for the American National Anthem and how the NFL is doing in the ratings. It was noticed (based on his tweets) that he’s been ignoring serious issues including the potential humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, with some questioning if he even cared?

Career Tip of the week. 

“Don’t focus on a job title or even on a particular company – focus on what you’re good at, what you want to be better at, and what the world needs. Meet with people working on projects you find interesting and impactful and learn from them.” – Gelatine Santiago, Co-Founder of Cambio Markets


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