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The insider’s guide to finding meaningful work and attracting top talent

In collaboration with the Social Innovation Generation team at MaRS, Bmeaningful is pleased to share a white paper on the ins and outs of impact careers.

The Impact Economy: The Insider’s Guide To Finding Meaningful Work And Attracting Top Talent  explores the barriers that make it difficult for talented people to identify employment opportunities, and for organizations to recruit, engage and retain top talent. It includes a variety of tips and strategies to address these challenges, and seeks to help talented people better understand the impact sector while also providing strategies to help them find an impact career.

The report aims to answer questions that impact career seekers may ask, such as: What are the employment opportunities in the impact sector?
As a job candidate, how can I stand out from the competition?

It also aims to answer questions that hiring managers and decisions-makers may ask, including:
What is top talent looking for in a social impact career?
What can I do to recruit and retain top talent?

The Executive Summary! 


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