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Add this to your next conversation. Social impact in the news – week of Sept. 19th

When you’re filling up your water bottle at work… 
Evian achieved carbon net neutrality in Canada and US and just unveiled a bottling facility in France that is 100% powered by renewable energy. Danone, the parent company of Evian, plans to start advertising the carbon neutral efforts in the US next year and has its sight set on becoming the first major spring brand to go carbon neutral. The certification comes with criticism from environmentalists regarding the bottling and transportation of water to begin with but it also may encourage other water brands to follow- and is that such a bad thing?

When you’re waiting for your Uber….
A rickshaw-hailing service for refugee camps won this year’s $1 million dollar Hult Prize, a global contest for student social entrepreneurs. This year’s contest was focused on solving a problem for refugees. Roshni Rides wants to help solve the transportation problem for residents of refugee camps by developing a network of rickshaws to deliver rides at an affordable price. Their first market will be in a Pakistan slum in Karachi.

When you’re throwing out your trash from lunch…
Garbage in the Pacific Ocean has grown as big as the size of France and an environmental charity wants to recognize it as its own state- the Trash Isles. The charity, with its agency partner, have submitted a formal application to the UN to be recognized as the 196th country- Al Gore has signed up to be its first honorary citizen. It’s a cheeky lobbying campaign that highlights a serious problem of the growing amount of plastics in our oceans. Plastic waste in our ocean isn’t just a pollution problem, it’s a food chain problem that could affect all of us. If you want to get involved – you can sign the petition here.

Career Tip of the week. 

“Network Thoughtfully. Network Generously. Network Authentically.” – Krista Pawley, Imperative Impact

The greatest networkers often don’t think in terms of advancing themselves. They think about what they can bring to others, who they can help connect and are honest in their outreach.

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