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A Brand New Look – Why We Updated.

Today we’re unveiling our new look, one that we think better reflects the spirit of Bmeaningful. It was a difficult decision to refresh a look that our community identifies with and one that we launched only a year ago. But we’re confident that the decision is the right thing to do for our community and our growth.

Introducing the Purple Sheep – The Spirit Behind Bmeaningful

Interview after interview, we heard about the pressure to pursue jobs with the highest salary, the corner office or the most impressive title. We heard stories from professionals who followed the corporate herd and had successful careers, by traditional metrics, but came home feeling unfulfilled, working on products or services they didn’t really believe in. They felt like the herd mentality had led them astray and eventually made a switch to a more meaningful career. We also heard from young professionals who knew right from school they wanted a non-traditional job, because they knew there was more to a job than a paycheque. We started calling all these professionals Purple Sheep.

Why call them Purple Sheep?

Sheep are commonly used as symbols for conformity or in the case of the black sheep, as an outlier. We found the professionals we spoke with embraced their decision to go against the herd mentality, and are outliers in their own right. We don’t think it’s bad to be different, in fact we think it’s pretty cool, so we took our company colour and applied it to a sheep. The Purple Sheep was born and has become an integral part of our brand and a symbol for professionals doing good.

The New Bmeaningful

Our goal with the refresh was to deliver a look that best represents the authenticity, fellowship, and inspiration that our community gets from Bmeaningful. The new site brings to life the Purple Sheep theme, with photos of sheep appearing in the most unexpected of places, we wanted to have fun with it and make you smile. You’ll also notice that we greyscale the image of the professionals we interview and select a part of the photo to turn purple. This symbolizes the Purple Sheep in each of them.

Old Sheep New Sheep

The first Purple Sheep appeared in a blog post called “Don’t Wait for Job Happiness, Become a Purple Sheep Today” .

We’ve also redesigned the entire user experience on web and mobile to better reflect your needs and to make for a more user friendly visit to Bmeaningful. Everything from our photography, typeface to colour scheme has been updated. We’ve added mobile adaptive technology so you can search and post jobs from any device. We’ve also enhanced our homepage to highlight interviews and the companies we’ve visited. We hope this inspires everyone who visits Bmeaningful and showcases all the different jobs that are possible.

Bmeaningful logo transformation

We also tweaked our logo and connected the “B” with the “meaningful” to read more like how we intended, “be meaningful”. Even our shade of purple has been updated to become more vibrant.

Moving Forward

One year into our adventure we’re more secure and confident in who we are. Our refreshed website reflects the many lessons learned since we posted our first blog entries, including those lessons we could never have imagined. Our understanding of your needs is markedly different from when we started a year ago, and so our services and products have evolved to keep pace with this change. Now we have a platform that can grow with us as we keep learning from you.

As we look to the year ahead, we’ll continue to innovate and update. For example, we’re in the process of re-imagining the job description. One that combines elements of our behind the scenes profiles with the traditional job description. We are so excited about this idea and can’t wait to share it with you.

We hope you enjoy the updated brand and website as much as we do. Discover, and explore the new Bmeaningful website.

We want to hear from you. Give us your feedback on the new website- what you like, dislike or would like to see in the future, in the comments below.


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