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Under 30? Find ways to fund your own job. Companies- find free funding to hire students and new graduates in sustainability.

While networking and conducting informational interviews, I met dozens of industry professionals who were very enthusiastic about hiring me but did not have a set-aside budget to do so.

I kept thinking that there had to be a way to remove this barrier. I decided to put my entrepreneurial and research skills to test and evaluate if there are any grants available for organizations to utilize.

I found that there are many funding and grants opportunities available for recent graduates who are looking to enter into the sustainability and climate change field. Most of the funding opportunities are awarded to post-secondary graduates under the age of 30 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The funding program is also an incredible platform for employers who are looking to hire talented and driven graduates but have limited resources. Below are some of the funding programs created by the Federal Government that are super-easy to sign up and apply:

ECO Canada: Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) Internship Program

The Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) Internship program offers up to $15,000 or 50% of an intern’s salary in Canada and is funded through the Environment and Climate Change’s Science Horizon Program. This program provides an incredible opportunity to employers who want to hire a recent graduate in the STEM steam. The successful program has created 6,000 jobs till date and has encouraged 5,400 organizations to participate and take advantage of this growing sector. In order to receive the funding, the job offered to the intern must be a full-time, permanent position with the intention of hiring for a long-term employment in the near future. In addition, to be eligible for the program, the intern has to be 30 years of age or younger and must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a refugee state. Details on the program and eligibility requirements can be found through: http://staging.eco.ca/eyc-internship-program/

United Nations Canada Green Corps Program 

The United Nations Canada Green Corps Program offers approximately 65% subsidy during the placement of the program. This newly launched program is targeted for recent graduates between the age of 18-30 who have been unemployed or underemployed. The participants of the program will undertake a four-six month work-integrated learning placements with different organizations across Canada and help them in reducing environmental footprint. The program provides an incredible platform to hone professional development skills and gain valuable work experience with organizations. Details on the program and eligibility requirements can be found through: http://unac.org/unac-projects/canada-green-corps/

Canada Launcher Clean Tech Internship 

The Canada Launcher Clean Tech Internship offers 70% if intern’s salary, up to $15,000. Employers can hire an intern for 6-12 months in a full-time position pertaining to the use or development of clean technology. This program is funded by the Government of Canada as part of a broader Youth Employment Strategy. The program requirements are very similar to the Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) Internship Program and encourage post-secondary graduates to apply. Interested participants can also browse through the different opportunities and job postings that are advertised through the website: https://careerlauncher.collegesinstitutes.ca/cleantech/

And if you’re a recent graduate reading this you can always present a unique business case to a potential employer by not only highlighting their skills and knowledge, but by also stating what else can they bring to the table such as monetary incentives and rewards. To my fellow graduates, the value you bring to an organization will make you stand out in the job market. Good luck with the exciting journey ahead and may the force be with you!

Anureet Kaur has a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from University of Toronto and currently works as a Business Operations Analyst at Internat Energy Solutions Canada (IESC), an engineering and sustainability consulting firm that helps in organizations in mitigating climate change risks. At IESC, Anureet performs Internal Peer Reviews for Greenhouse Gas Verification and conducts policy analysis for different stakeholder groups. Anureet sits on the program advisory committee of Seneca College’s Sustainable Business Management Program and is passionate about providing unique job search tips to recent graduates who are looking to enter the CSR and sustainability sector. 


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Anureet Kaur

Anureet Kaur

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