Don’t forget to do these three things before the end of an internship

Dare we say it, is summer coming to a close? With the Toronto Exhibition on, and Labour Day weekend just around the corner, all signs point to yes. Another sure fire sign that summer is on its way out is the end of summer internships. This week many young professionals will put a wrap on a summer of development and head back to the classroom. It’s an exciting transition to go back to school, but it shouldn’t distract from taking a moment to reflect on one’s experience as an intern. Don’t miss an opportunity to establish a hard worked summer as a stepping stone to next summer’s meaningful job. Here are three things every intern should to do before their final day to maximize their internship experience.

1. Line up your references.

Get your manager’s or colleague’s approval to use them as a reference while your working relationship is at its peak. Don’t be shy to ask for a written reference you can use in future applications either. You’re far more likely to get a glowing and personalized reference when your hard work is fresh in the mind of your referee. Interns come and go, and your many accomplishments will naturally begin to fade the moment you step out the door. Strike while the iron is hot.

2. Update your contact lists.

Convert the stack of business cards you collected over the course of your internship into LinkedIn contacts. Also be sure to send out updated contact information to your colleagues. Feel free to send a more personalized goodbye to colleagues who made your internship especially memorable, they’ll appreciate the sentiment, but avoid the cringe worthy TMI goodbye sent to the company wide email list.

3. Update your resume.

It’s easier to remember your accomplishments when their more recent. As soon as mid-terms hit, summer will be a distant memory, and wracking your brain for the words that do your accomplishments justice will be more challenging when you’ve got Chemistry on the brain. When you’re updating your resume, be guided by any positive feedback for a job really well done; avoid simply listing all of your assignments, and cherry pick the ones where you hit a home run. Don’t forget to update your digital profiles with your latest experience as well.

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