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FlipGive is Canada’s first B Corp and a company with impact at its core. FlipGive is transforming grassroots fundraising and corporate giving. FlipGive helps people raise more money faster and provides the opportunity for brands to give back at the same time.

B Corp Logo

B Corp sign proudly on display when you walk into the office.

FlipGive is on a mission to create an environment where doing good and making money become the only way to do business. The idea behind FlipGive was to flip giving on it’s head and reward consumers for shopping.

FlipGive has helped raised close to $2 million dollars for everything from helping a school build a playground to helping a local sports team raise money for the year.

Open space office

Open concept office

FlipGive is a young Toronto-based startup using technology for social change. Founded in 2007 (rebranded from Better The World), FlipGive is run by a relatively small team of approximately 20 people.

Office Culture and Traditions 

FlipGive’s culture is collaborative, laid back and results oriented. “We’re a fun young company. We work hard but not too much because we try and be balanced in what we do. You have to be happy too”.

People here are self-starters and work independently but there’s a collaborative culture of helping out and “everyone values each other’s opinion. It’s great because even if you are new or an intern everyone’s opinion is valued.”

Flip-Hard at work

Collaboration on display.

Take note of their posters. "If a user has a problem, it's our problem".

Take note of their posters. “If a user has a problem, it’s our problem”.

The office hours reflect FlipGive’s trust in their employees as there’s no set hours as long as you get your work done.

If you're in need of a break...

Every startup needs a foosball table!

In addition to the annual holiday office party, one of FlipGive’s signature office events is a ‘Thirsty Thursday’ that takes place every couple of weeks which includes food, drinks and music.

FlipGive likes to celebrate and mark milestones, whether it’s a birthday or a significant achievement for the company. Less frequent are office off-sites but when they do happen you may find yourself doing a fun activity like snowboarding. The best part of working here is the “people and the work-life balance”.

The "Win-Wall" displays all the milestones and achievements FlipGive's accomplished.

The “Win-Wall” displays all the milestones and achievements FlipGive’s accomplished.


Emily Nguyen, Digital Marketer

FlipGive is drawn to people that are intelligent, ambitious, self-starters, who can think and execute. “We call it FIO-people who can figure it out, and then we give them the autonomy to do so”. Like many entrepreneurial environments, employees that thrive are passionate and adaptive as things change fast.

Being a B Corp and doing good are important values for FlipGive so it’s important to stay up to date on the innovations in the social field and believe in social innovation.

Office Environment


The open concept office design helps build a culture of collaboration and innovation. What may have traditionally been offices are all meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms are all named after important figures.

Meeting rooms are all named after famous people like Davinci and Mandela.

FlipGive is located downtown Toronto.

Office located near Adelaide and Peter

Office located near Adelaide and Peter

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