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EVER WONDER what it’s really like to work at a social enterprise? We bring you an exclusive behind the scenes look that you won’t find anywhere else.  In our first corporate profile we go inside the sustainable paper company, ecojot.

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THE PURPOSE of ecojot is beautifully captured in this hand written note pinned to the Marketing Director’s wall. ecojot is a stationary company devoted to bringing you a quality product while doing good at the same time. From 100% recyclable material to their GIVE program- ecojot embodies corporate citizenship. “I like the idea that you can have a business and be ethical…I feel good to be a part of it” says owner Mark Gavin on being a B Corp. To become B Corp certified, ecojot meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency standards set out by B Corp (just as coffee can be certified as Fair Trade, companies can be certified as B corps).

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LOCATED IN the east end of Toronto, this small family owned and operated business was founded in 2007 by brother and sister team. Immigrants from South Africa, Mark Gavin started by selling his sister’s art which eventually evolved into ecojot. Surviving the economic downturn was difficult, but they persevered and came out stronger. The company thrives on its work hard entrepreneurial culture and benefits from having an on-site manufacturing facility.  There is nothing formal about this work environment, from the corporate culture and casual dress code to the dog friendly office space.

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AT 16  STAFF and growing (6 front office including Gavin’s parents who come in to help and 10 back office) , owner Mark Gavin knows the product, people and purpose are what keeps his vision moving forward. “We give bonuses when we can… we treat people nicely… we respect people”, he says.  Staff will attest to the strategy in action, which includes receiving spa days in recognition of their efforts.










SUSTAINABILITY AND CSR isn’t just marketing for ecojot- it’s rooted in their mission. They could source cheaper paper, but that’s not what they are about. Since their main product is paper, it’s at the core of every decision. “Everything is made from old paper, so no trees are cut down and nothing is thrown away. All the offcuts are thrown into green bins and sent back to where the paper came from and the rest is biodegradable.”

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LOOKING TO THE FUTURE, ecojot may go paperless, piloting paper free paper, made from Wheat Straw (an innovation from Step Forward Paper). They are also currently working on an App that will allow you to capture your notes with your phone- a marriage of paper and technology.  “We try to do the best we can and still have a business, we need to be profitable to be able to give back… We are competing with places where you can buy a notebook for $1.49” says Mark Gavin. The company is about making a profit so that they can give back, not the other way around.

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WONDERING what ecjot looks for in their staff? We asked that too. They’re after someone whose heart is in the business, someone who can embrace the idea of what they do, fits into the culture and has the passion.




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