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Tabatha Soltay. Founder (TabTalks) & Designer / Facilitator With Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Have you ever had that conversation where you’re telling someone how you want to do good in the world and leave a lasting impression with your career and they reply “don’t quit your day job”. Well, sometimes they might be right. That’s the beautiful thing about being an intrapraneur; you get to be a source of positive change while sticking with your current job. This week we hear from Tabatha Soltay, Designer / Facilitator with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, who knows a lot about initiating change within a company and challenging the status quo to make a positive impact. Read on for Tabatha’s thoughts on becoming an intrapraneur.

What inspired you to become an intrapraneur? 

I have always loved challenging the status quo and asking difficult questions, I don’t want to take anything for granted and I don’t want colleagues to take anything for granted. Being an intrapraneur gives me tacit permission to ask ‘why do we do it that way?’

Briefly describe the process you took to lead change at work. 

I am very lucky because as a designer and facilitator people now come to me with problems and trust me enough to push their assumptions. I work to unpack their problems (what they think their problems are versus what their problems really are – the elephant in the room). I design workshops from half a day to three days that provide a safe space for others to seek their own solutions to do good, differently.

What’s the coolest part about being an intrapraneur and what’s the biggest challenge? 

Coolest = I now have a reputation of being different, of challenging people and of providing spaces to ask difficult questions so I can work with even more people and push them even further. They trust me and actually expect me to be controversial and different.

Biggest challenge = believing in myself and being willing to take the risks because sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to figure out why, own my mistakes and move on.

What advice would you give other professionals who want to make a difference? 

It is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission; try something small and if it fails own up to it, if it succeeds, try and share the spotlight.  

 What can you identify as the biggest opportunity for intrapraneurs? 

The learning that comes from being an intrapraneur. You are always pushing yourself and trying something new and different so you have to learn and seek others who know. I might never be the expert in something, but I can be exposed to new ideas and new people just by trying to help them be intrapranuears too.

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