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37 search term ideas for jobs with impact

Perhaps now more than ever, it’s critical that we stay committed to using our skills for good (and maybe even encouraging others to join us).

Some may feel the system is broken, our problems too large or maybe just that it feels pointless. But as Leonard Cohen poetically said “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. While we may feel like throwing our hands up and saying “I give up”, we should actually try to take comfort in the recognition that nothing will ever be perfect because that means it can always get better.

We need to use our careers to find the light in the darkness. Even though the past has not turned out as we hoped, the future can still be brighter than we expect. It may take hard work. Dedication and patience. But it will be worth it.

To get you started on your journey, here’s 37 search term ideas for jobs with impact. We’ve compiled this list to make it easier to find meaningful work because different organizations use different words for their jobs (or just keep using our website ;).

37 search term ideas for jobs with impact

  1. Corporate social responsibility
  2. Sustainability
  3. Environment
  4. Corporate citizenship
  5. Corporate affairs
  6. Corporate foundations
  7. Community manager
  8. Community investment,
  9. Community relations,
  10. Community organizer
  11. Employee engagement,
  12. Nonprofit
  13. Nonprofit marketing
  14. Not for profit
  15. Philanthropy
  16. NGO
  17. Charities
  18. Social enterprise
  19. Green energy
  20. Environment, social and governance (ESG) compliance.
  21. Social impact
  22. Social innovation
  23. Social finance
  24. Social purpose businesses
  25. Social good
  26. B Corps
  27. Responsible investing
  28. Impact investing
  29. Fundraising
  30. Measurement and evaluation
  31. Advocacy
  32. Culture
  33. Cause marketing
  34. Diversity  
  35. Development
  36. Sharing economy
  37. Food security

Know someone who could use a new job in impact? Share this list with them.

And are we missing any key words? Add your favourite search word in the comments below.


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