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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the types of jobs we will post on Bmeaningful and why we’re different than LinkedIn or Workopolis.

The types of jobs we post
We specialize in jobs that have both a purpose and a paycheque (read: meaningful jobs that pay you normally but where you can use your skills for the greater good). So that could be a Sustainability Manager for a retailer, an Accountant with a non-profit, or a Marketing Manager for an environmental business.

Still don’t quite get it? We are going to be like the Whole Foods of career sites, a specialty store that only carries jobs across corporate social responsibility, non-profit, and triple bottom lines businesses.

What makes us different than LinkedIn and Workopolis?
We curate the “socially good” jobs so that you don’t have to. Each company might have adifferent name for their positions, so by posting with us they can be assured that the smartest and most passionate people will see their meaningful job opportunity. You also might not even know that some companies offer these types of positions or that certain jobs even exist. Some companies will only post select jobs with us (eg. a consulting firm may only post their sustainability consultant position with us and the rest of their jobs with another career site).

Our vision with Bmeaningful is to make it easier for you to find meaningful work. Working in this field and speaking with a lot of job seekers, we’ve narrowed it down to three categories to classify our jobs. Here’s a rundown of what we mean by each term:

CSR Jobs– Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR represents jobs in Sustainability, Environment, Corporate Citizenship, Community Relations, Corporate Foundations, Corporate Affairs and Employee Engagement.

Non-Profit Jobs
Non-profit represents business jobs within Charities, NGOs, and Philanthropy.

Triple Bottom Line – companies that care about more than just profit
Triple Bottom Line represents jobs with companies that are working towards social and environmental goodness. Examples include Social Enterprises, B Corps, in Social Innovation.

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