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CSR hashtags you should be using

If you’re not already using hashtags, it’s time to start. Hashtags can seem overwhelming at first, but when used properly, they help you find meaningful and relevant content. A hashtag is the hash symbol (#) followed by a keyword, phrase or acronym, and is usually found throughout or at the end of a message posted on social media.

A hashtag is meant to link your post with a larger conversation across your chosen social media platform. While hashtags can be used on all major social media platforms, Twitter is most effective for professional purposes and for finding relevant industry resources.

The key to using hashtags is to keep them short and related to the topic at hand. Short tags don’t eat up your character space and prevent confusion by keeping your message simple. Using the right CSR hashtags not only enables you to follow industry updates online, but they also allow you to join the conversation and increase the reach of any relevant content you are publishing.

Here are a few #CSR hashtags to help you stay up to date and make sure you are in the right conversation:

CSR Hashtags by Theme: 


Insider tip: use #SustyBiz instead of #SustainableBusiness to save on characters



Investment & Innovation:

Reporting & Compliance Guides:

  • #GRI – Global Reporting Index
  • #ISO26000 – International Organization for Standardization, ISO Social Responsibility
  • #UNGlobalCompact – or check out @GlobalCompactCA
  • #ESG – Environment, Social and Governance Criteria
  • #CSRreport – for companies who publish their reports, #csrreport will help you find who is reporting what

Keep in mind:

Make sure it’s the right abbreviation:

It’s important to make sure you are using relevant hashtags that other industry leaders are using. For example, let’s say you wanted to tweet about Shared Value Creation and abbreviate to #SVC, but a quick Twitter search mostly shows links to St. Vincent College in Pennsylvania.

Add extra value with links:

Finally, it’s important to make sure you are contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way. Although tweeting “Millennials push for #Transparency” may be true, this tweet could be more useful for your followers and those checking in on the hashtag if you attach a recent article related to the topic.

For more on hashtags and best practices check out this article here.

Did I miss some of your favourites? Let me know @OnTheRoadWithA!


Written By Ashley McIntyre
Ashley is an aspiring CSR professional who has previously published CSR related content on Canadian B Corporations and ethical supply chains for the NATO Association of Canada. Ashley has a M.Sc. in Human Rights & International Politics from The University of Glasgow and an Honours B.A. in Global Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University. You can connect with Ashley on Twitter and LinkedIn, or by email at
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