Robin Mednick. Executive Director. Pencils For Kids. Non-Profit Job.

Robin’s background makes her a perfect advocate for the non-profit she founded, Pencils for Kids. Her inspiration came from hearing 30 kids had to share one pencil in a Niger classroom and it was her instinct to say “let’s not just talk about it, let’s do something”. Pencils for Kids is a charity providing classroom supplies, programs, libraries and schools to communities in need. Through sheer passion and determination she turned an idea into action and seven years later, schools have been built, scholarship programs implemented and lives have been transformed. By focusing on education, Robin has left an indelible mark on the lives of kids and their community.

How do you define meaningful work?
It nourishes your soul.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a Meaningful career?
All my life. I’ve always felt there was an inner drive and purpose that I had, but I never knew what it was. I was looking and searching for years- until someone gave me the advice to stop worrying about finding the perfect job. I realized, I had to stop making myself crazy looking for what I was meant to do. And the moment I accepted that, it found me.

How did your past experiences help get where you are today?
In retrospect, everything I did led me to today. When I was 16, I met a woman who taught me speech, but I had nothing to speak about. I had 10 years of education, including a Law Degree, a Masters and the organizational skills from being a 15-year stay at home mother of four; but no real purpose. Friends were partners at Law firms and I was still questioning what I was meant to do with my life. So when I got a call from a friend that 30 kids were sharing one pencil in Niger, I knew I found my calling.

What’s one thing you wish someone told you before you pursued a meaningful career?
You always hear people say how you’ll never make a great living in the nonprofit world, and that it is challenging work. What you don’t often hear is how great and rewarding the job is and how creative you have to be to do things with minimal resources.

What’s something most people wouldn’t expect to hear about working in a meaningful job?
It doesn’t take genius- it takes passion. The driving force for success is simple determination. It is important to have the never give up attitude – because you can be battered down time and time again, wondering if it is worth it. Hundreds of obstacles and challenges will arise, so without the drive you cannot succeed. Worry less about the outcome, and abandon your expectations but never give up.

…not every job will be THE job, but each step is important for your journey and will help you along the way. 

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?
Creating. Being the driving force behind Pencils for Kids is just incredible.

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to get a meaningful job?
Jump in. Do it afraid. Sometimes you won’t have all your ducks in a row, but it’s ok. Don’t just “think out of the box”, ask why there even is a box! Who made the box that everyone says to think out of? Also not every job will be the job, but each step is important for your journey and will help you along the way.

What qualities are important for a person to have if they want a meaningful job?
High tolerance for uncertainty, perseverance, the ability to listen, and to value the small accomplishments – because small things can be big deals.

If you could have one super hero power what would it be and why?
The ability to speak every language and understand every culture. If you can understand where people are coming from and be able to communicate with them it would solve a lot of problems as everyone would be on a level playing field.

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