getting the impact job of dreams

The first step to getting the impact job of your dreams

How to career plan in the impact economy including a practical (and fun) exercise to help you get the impact career of your dreams.


Sarah Saso the Managing Director of Social Innovation at Green Shield Canada

Sarah’s story is a tale of bridging the gap between the non-profit and the corporate sectors. As a pioneer in the field of Community Investing, Sarah has been a part of the growth of the social impact sector. Now the Managing Director, Social Innovation at Green Shield Canada (GSC), Sarah …


How to get a CSR Manager job: 3 Corporate Social Responsibility Managers share their career paths

If you’ve ever wondered how CSR Managers got their jobs, we can tell you there’s not always a straight path. We’ve said it before- and we’ll say it again- career paths in the impact economy are not linear which means there’s no single path to success. Rather than look at the jobs they’ve …