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Community & Social Services

MovingWorlds is building the leaders and doers behind grassroots, world-changing ideas. Our mission is to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals by getting talent to the parts of the world that need it most, while ensuring a transformative experience for those who share their skills.

For people looking to make a bigger impact with their careers, the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship helps working professionals build the skills, network, and confidence to advance their social-good careers. The Fellowship teaches leading social impact frameworks like human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, systems mapping, and more. With the support of coaches, mentors, and your peers, you’ll then apply what you’ve learned in your capstone social impact project that builds on your strengths while challenging you to grow.

MovingWorlds also partners with companies like eBay, Microsoft, Gucci, and more to design and manage award-winning skills-based volunteering programs.


MovingWorlds is making the world a better place by helping professionals make a bigger, sustainable impact with their careers. Since we began our work in 2011, our two-sided mission remains at the center of everything we do:

  • Solve the global talent gap
  • Build the skills and abilities of leaders and doers behind grassroots, world-changing ideas
Locally-led organizations remain essential to solving the greatest challenges of our time, and yet they are becoming more and more resource-starved. Organizations stuck in this "pioneer gap" are in need of support, and the donation of human capital and expertise helps solve specific challenges, transfers skills to an organizational capacity, and creates global connections that help grassroots solutions accelerate their impact and create local jobs. By training and then matching professionals with organizations stuck in this pioneer gap as pro-bono consultants, we can help grassroots social enterprises accelerate their missions, while helping professionals grow their skills and abilities to be the social impact leaders of tomorrow. 


Measuring impact is hard, but we consider it vital to scaling and improving the Experteering movement. In addition to tracking volume, we track other indicators of long-term impact for both the professionals volunteering their skills, and for the organizations receiving their support which can be seen in our living impact report:

Since we began the Experteering movement, over 1,000 projects have been completed in nearly 100 unique countries unleashing over $17.5 million in professional skills to support the social entrepreneurship movement globally.

More Ways to Give Back

As a legally incorporated social enterprise, generating social impact is the foundation of everything we do. We help individuals, and the corporations that employ them, increase their social impact through individually tailored programs that create genuine shared value. Beyond our work, we focus on reaching - and exceeding - the Benefit Corporation’s Impact Assessment bar to ensure that all aspects of our employee’s experience is focussed on helping them reach their personal, professional, social, and civic potential.

Our Office and Worklife

MovingWorlds was ranked the #10 company in Escape the City’s top companies to escape to / work for in 2019. Our office is remote, with flexible work hours and team members located in multiple time zones. We have a series of principles to help our global team work together effectively:

Be Catalytic

  • Take risks on behalf of our users - embrace the failure that comes with it
  • Stay focused on scale
  • Create your own efficiencies
  • Act with deliberate urgency
Think Fast and Slow
  • Be open, curious, and analytically constructive
  • Be strategic
  • Think long term Get to the root
Build and Give Trust
  • Believe in your fellow team members
  • Invest in personal well-being
  • Own your own development & learning

Alexandra Nemeth, Content Marketing Manager

"Two years ago, I left the corporate world in search of something more fulfilling, and I’ve been with MovingWorlds ever since! Getting to do meaningful work that aligns with my values and strengths is incredibly energizing. I’m constantly inspired by my colleagues and the company culture we’ve built based on mutual support, constant learning, creativity, and personal growth. Believing in what we’re doing helps bring out the unique contributions we each have to offer, and I’ve stretched personally and professionally in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible before. I think that’s my favorite thing about working here - the sense of possibility and ownership in this exciting movement we’re building together. "

Grow With Us

Apply to MovingWorlds' social impact & career growth program to find more purpose in your work and make a bigger impact with your career. You can join from anywhere!

The MovingWorlds Institute is for professionals looking to find more purpose in their work and make a positive impact with their careers. It begins with an in-person kickoff, where you’ll explore your personal and professional drivers, develop skills in design thinking and social entrepreneurship, and meet the other change-makers in your cohort. You’ll leave the weekend with new friends, insights, and an individualized action plan for using the next six months to accelerate your social good career.

Throughout the remainder of the 6-month program, you’ll stay engaged virtually with weekly coaching calls, monthly webinars with industry leaders, and case-based learning projects. With the support of coaches, mentors, and your peers, you’ll then apply what you’ve learned in your capstone social impact project in the field that builds on your strengths while challenging you to grow. Once you return, we’ll help you reflect on and integrate your experience into your career narrative, and leverage it to make the transition to a more meaningful career.

We look for people who are

The MovingWorlds Institute is open to professionals from any industry, sector and region of the world. We ask that you have at least 3 years of professional experience, though most members are 5-15 years into their careers. The most important factor is that you are committed to finding personal purpose and creating greater social impact in your career

If you’ve ever thought your career could be more meaningful and fulfilling, and feel motivated to contribute to the greater good, we’d love to talk to you!

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