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Our listings are a direct link to a community of professionals seeking roles in sustainability, community development, impact investing, non-profit, social enterprise, employee engagement, corporate citizenship/affairs, social innovation, and the like.

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Expect delays–curation takes time.

You'll also find fewer listings. Which is a good thing. We review each listing for quality and fit.

When you post your listing, it'll take a few hours for one of our team members ensure the listing can credibly be considered a meaningful opportunity and whether you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's.

No-hassles. Re-list or refund.

As soon as your listing is posted, you'll be able to edit it. If you don't find your dream candidate quickly, you're welcome to relist.

And in the event that your circumstances change or you're disatisfied with the platform in a way that we can't address, please feel free to ask for a refund.

Give your impact profile.

Passionate prospective employees are pondering their opportunities on a trusted third-party platform, and you have a license to show off. Run with it. It's not really showing off to package the info they're after and put it right where they're looking, is it?

93% of employees surveyed want to work for a company that cares about them as an individual

51% won't work for a company that doesn't have strong social and environmental commitments

2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study

Put your digital footprint in front of the right audience.

There are many conventional jobs boards. There are many conventional jobs. This isn't a conventional job board. And the thousands of people who come to our website weekly aren't after conventional career information. They're hungry for insight into the workings of and opportunities at companies leading or transitioning to the purpose economy. They want to know what makes you tick.

Look Better.

You know what looks even better than our amazing listings? Listings accessorized with details we automagically sync from your profile.

76% of Millennials consider a company's social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work

64% won't take a job from a company that doesn't have strong CSR practices

75% say they would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company (vs. 55% U.S. average)

2016 Cone Millennial Engagement study

Not Hiring now? No problem.

If your company is socially innovative, mission driven, purpose oriented, carbon neutral or has a stellar under the radar (or even over the radar) CSR program we'll still accept your story. Being the impact career resource means offering more than just job listings. Increasingly, people want to support (read: buy from, volunteer at, be associated with, and work for) companies that share their values.

Don't wait until you need something from them to make an impression on the communities of interest that matter to you. Give the good work you're doing some daylight and your listings will benefit from the exposure.

And don't worry if you have reasons you need to recruit in other places–you're still eligible for an Impact Profile. You can link to your postings on other platforms from your Impact Profile.

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We're open to creative collaborations that serve our audience and inform the impact sector. Let's talk.

We're beeeeh-ter together!

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Adrienne Lo, says:

"I'm an MBA with 10 years experience and I only want to work for an organization that reflects my values. That's why I love that Bmeaningful puts a spotlight on the organizations that are leading the way on corporate responsibility, community engagement and social innovation. "

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