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Social Innovation Ecosystem Director / Directrice de l'initiative 'Écosystème d'innovation sociale'

  • Posted:Aug 22, 2018
  • Apply by:Sep 15, 2018
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  • Contract / Full Time
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  • Senior
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  • Toronto, ON
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  • Community & Social Services
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  • Social Enterprise
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  • Social Enterprise

About this position

Position Type: Full-time, contract
Contract Length: One year, with possibility for renewal
Compensation: Commensurate with experience, plus benefits
Location: Headquarters in Toronto, but the position could be from anywhere in Canada

A new National Social Innovation Initiative
Are you a social innovation leader? A passionate network weaver? strategist? relationship builder? fundraiser? systems change nerd? Are you passionate about making the world a better place for people and planet first? Does the idea of building multi-sectoral collaborations at a national level make you totally excited?  

Do you thrive in fast-paced environments, working hard with collaborators who share your passion? Can you handle uncertainty and embrace nuance? Do you fundamentally understand how vital it is to apply a systems lens to the process of change?

Well then, Social Innovation Charitable Foundation (SICF), in partnership with Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), has an incredibly exciting job opportunity for you!

We are launching a new Social Innovation Initiative for Canada.  It is so new in fact and we are so committed to doing it right, that it doesn't even really have a name yet or a finalized scope.  However, we do have a clear purpose: to unlock and enable social innovation and build an inclusive and open movement to put people and planet first.

Our objective is to make the hiring process as inclusive as possible. Our hope is that some unusual suspects will express their interest and have the opportunity to co-create it.

We are looking for this projects leader…. Is this you?

What do we know about it so far?
We consulted with and engaged social innovators across Canada in 2017 and 2018 with the question of how a network or shared platform could support them. What we heard directly informs the purpose and design: It will be a initiative that connects social innovators and stakeholders from across geographies, sectors and subjects, builds practical knowledge and capacity, elevates the role of the sector across Canada and helps innovators tell their stories, aggregate their data and drive more resources and energy towards the work.

It will be pan-Canadian, with regional hubs addressing regional needs and opportunities. It will use the Constellation Model as its foundation and will somehow hold the balance between a coalition, a network and an ecosystem.  We are at our early stages of the design of this initiative but from our engagement process, we have developed the values and design principles:

   VALUES                                                  DESIGN PRINCIPLES
   Open and transparent                     Enabling and unlocking
   Weave together existing assets    Align self-interest for collective impact
   Lightweight governance                 Bias for action & energy
   Power to the periphery                   Hold the tensions
   Financially resilient                          Practitioners at the centre
   Inclusion at the core                        Accessible
What is CSI’s Role in this Social Innovation Initiative?
Working with a team of collaborators from across Canada, CSI is providing the secretariat support, including stakeholder and governance coordination, financial management and helping drive fundraising to support the network. CSI is also leading the development of the common/digital platform and the communications and wayfinding strategies. Lastly, CSI will serve as a regional hub within the Network and bring its knowledge and networks in social innovation and social enterprise to help shape programs and network direction based from Ontario.

Why “Social Innovation Ecosystem” Director?

  • Because you are knowledgeable about social innovation, as a theory and practice. You’ve had experience working on programs and shaping policies that put people and planet first.
  • Because you excel at building partnerships across many sectors and communities, at connecting the dots and bringing diverse perspectives to the table to advance a shared agenda. You are a team builder with high emotional intelligence. You are sensitive to, and can manage power dynamics. Building trust and being collaborative is in your DNA.
  • Because you are a lateral thinker. You understand systems thinking and appreciate complexity, but you also are highly strategic. You know how to find the leverage points for systems change - be it in policy, markets and/or culture - and where to make interventions that drive action.
  • Because you can communicate with credibility, knowledge and creativity on behalf of a movement. You are an influencer who can inspire and motivate others to join and bring their knowledge and resources to make greater change possible. You are able to simplify and convey complex ideas, tailored to specific audiences.
Additional Competencies:
We are looking for a Director who is:
  • Business-savvy. You know how to build a business model and case for support, and you know how to sell and sustain it.
  • A Team leader, able to manage up, down and sideways. You are mature and know how to manage strong opinions and players, address and resolve conflicts, problem solve, and stay on time and on budget!
  • An adept multi-tasker, able to hold many pieces at the same time and prioritize the urgent from the important.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Partnership Building: Leads the development of the collaborative network model, building regional, national and cross-sectoral partnerships, engaging and balancing multiple perspectives.
  • Fundraising: Leads fundraising, engaging partners in network-wide, regional and project-specific fundraising. Acts as point person for key funder relationships, builds and maintains donor relationships, translates ideas into clear, creative and concise fundraising proposals, decks, etc. and participates in donor meetings and other engagement opportunities.
  • Public Relations: Promotes the project across multiple platforms and generates public awareness and support for SI across Canada. Takes part in speaking engagement, prepares editorial pieces, manages social media accounts.
  • Collaborative Network Infrastructure: Ensures processes in place for ongoing network mobilization including defining the overarching governance model and supporting and convening the National Stewardship Group and the Regional Councils.  
  • Program Strategy: Provides subject and content expertise to ensure implementation of the initiative under the four strategic pillars (Wayfinding, Capacity Building, Aligning for Impact and Knowledge Sharing) and that these align to support the vision and deliver goals and objectives.
  • Workplan/Budget: Co-creates, with project team, the project workplan and budget, and ensures projects and initiatives are delivered ‘on time and on budget’.
  • Project Team Implementation: Works with CSI Directors, to ensure successful implementation of project that aligns with and leverages internal resources:
            - brand (Wayfinding/Navigation)
            - digital team (online platform)
            - partnerships (fundraising)
            - Finance/HR (project and financial management)

Reporting and Team Collaboration:
  • Accountable to National Stewardship Group
  • Reports to CSI’s Chief Executive Officer
  • Manages Senior Program Manager and specialist contractors/consultants TBD
  • Member of CSI Director Team.
  • 10+ years experience in an applied/practitioner setting leading a social or environmental change initiative
  • Experience co-designing and participating in movement-focused networks that use combinations of culture change, market-based incentives and targeted policy to affect systems change
  • Demonstrated track record in attracting supporters and driving resources to support program, network and/or operational level support.
  • Prior experience in facilitation, partnership development, and working with diverse constituencies
  • Minimum undergraduate level degree in social or environmental area of focus
  • Bilingualism an asset

What you can expect working as part of the Centre for Social Innovation:
  • We are a dynamic and collaborative team invested in our mission. We are constantly seeking to improve processes and increase our impact in the community. If you like startups, social enterprises and working in a team atmosphere, this is a place for you.
  • We strongly encourage applications from diverse backgrounds and communities.

About us

The Centre for Social Innovation’s vision is a world where we put people and planet first. We're a platform for social innovators to work, connect and innovate with one another and for over 14 years, we have provided coworking space, community and resources to accelerate our members' success and amplify their impact. Together, we’re building a movement of nonprofits, for-profits, entrepreneurs, artists and activists working across sectors to create a better world. 

You’ll be joining an organization infused by our founding values: collaboration, entrepreneurship and systems change. We have the passion and drive of a young tech start-up but remain rooted in the social movements of the 60’s and 70’s. You can check out our full value sets at socialinnovation.ca/culture.

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