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Chief Executive Officer

  • Posted:Jan 31, 2019
  • Apply by:Mar 02, 2019
  • Job Type
  • Full Time
  • Job Level
  • Senior Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, Executive Director)
  • Location
  • Gibsons, BC
  • Impact Area
  • Other
  • Impact Category
  • Social Enterprise
  • Company Type
  • B Corp

About this position

Persephone is an established brewery, farm, community hub and activist-company.  We worked to change provincial and local government agricultural regulations that will have a positive impact for generations to come.  We've supported dozens of start-up social ventures and non-profit organizations raising tens of thousands of dollars annually and an immeasurable amount of economic, social and cultural capital in our region.  We've built our farm into a provider of not just beer ingredients but organic food as well.  Our Community Supported Agriculture program, on site food truck and Kids in Ag Fund are adding nutritional value to our community, customers, employees and families on a daily basis.  Persephone has provided dozens of jobs over the past five and half years to locals, newcomers, people with disabilities and can proudly say that a large portion of our employees are also owners of the company.  And, more. 

We are inspired by stories of companies, not unlike ours, that are using their business as a force for good.  Being a twice certified and ardent evangelist of B Corp Certification, we are committed to ensuring that Persephone benefits our people and planet in balance with our profit line. 

However, at Persephone Brewing Company we are rarely satisfied.  In spite of our numerous awards, commendations and accolades we are not yet satisfied with the size, health and profitability of our company, and, more importantly, with the impact we are having in our community to improve the world and tackle the issues of our time.  We can do more and be better and thus are now looking for another extraordinary person to help lead us. 
We are now at the precipice of a greater future.  Persephone is well positioned for growth and even more significant impact. So, we are now conducting a search for someone that has the education, lived experience, aligned values and character to help guide us toward that greater future. 
Persephone has had excellent leadership through our start-up years, just what we needed during that phase of development.  Now, what Persephone needs is the MBA level business savvy that will lead us in the application of business principles, product and systems innovation which, in turn, will push us to scale with profitability and impact.  We are looking for someone with C-suite level of experience in a company that transcended an opportunity for scaling its operations.  This person will, with ease, be able to apply their progressive personal values in a professional role - values such a belief in gender equity and diversity as pillars of organizational strength, a commitment to protecting our land and planet like our children depend on it, and a moral compass that points to taking risks in business as the right thing to do.  Persephone is looking for someone who believes in sustainable, moreover regenerative, agriculture, understands or better yet embraces craft beer as a tool to build community, and knows and works hard at building healthy relationships and a culture of good communications as the foundation for growth. 
It goes without saying that the people of Persephone are what made it such a successful business, B Corp and community building institution on the Sunshine Coast.  So, the person we are looking to add to the leadership team must embody these characteristics.

About us

Persephone Brewing Co. (pronounced per-SEF-uh-nee) is dedicated to quality of life, quality beer and quality of the ingredients that go into the production of craft-brewed beer.

Situated on the Sunshine Coast, in Gibsons, BC, home of the Beachcombers TV Series, our farm grows hops and a variety of food crops such as pumpkins, garlic, apples, honey and more.

The name Persephone was chosen to pay homage to the log salvage boat in the Beachcombers, as a symbol of the values and lifestyle upheld on the Sunshine Coast. As well, the Greek myth of Persephone (daughter of Dimeter and Zeus), goddess of spring vegetation, works neatly with our situation on a farm and our ability to grow farm fresh beer.

Persephone is a Certified B Corporation committed to using our business as a force for good.

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