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Administrator - Financial & Administrative

  • Posted:Sep 20, 2022
  • Apply by:Nov 19, 2022
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  • Hamilton, ON
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About this position

Position Summary

Reporting directly to the Business Manager, the role of the Administrator is to provide office, financial and administrative support to enhance the workflow of the organization.

Under the direction of the Business Manager, the Administrator shall provide direction and coordinate the overall operation of administration for the organization. This role supports a positive and collaborative team dynamic with all HFS departments and under the direction of the Business Manager, provide administrative support to the senior management team currently comprised of the Chief Operating Officer (CEO), Operations Manager, Resource Development Manager, Warehouse Manager and Business Manager.

Key Responsibilities:

Central Administration

Financial & Accounting

Facility and Property

Central Administration

Ensure the efficient operation of the administrative office that is central to the organization in areas such as but not limited to:

  1. As directed, ensure all administration systems are responsive to the needs of all employees;
  2. Provide front office/reception coverage in the absence of staff/volunteers and during extremely busy periods;
  3. Process credit card donations, as requested;
  4. Receive cheques, count money, create deposit slips and make all bank deposits in the absence of the Administrative Coordinator;
  5. Ordering of office, computer, and other supplies as directed;
  6. Assist in establishing effective administrative systems and policies;
  7. Assist in the purchasing and upgrade of computers, printers and other technology accessories;
  8. As directed, assist with other technology related duties such as basic troubleshooting and interfacing with the service provider;
  9. Assist in the development of policies and procedures for using technology (computers, phones, security equipment, social media, etc.)

Financial & Accounting

Under the direction of the Business Manager, the Administrator will interface with the Business Manager in regard to operations, reporting and payroll through the electronic bookkeeping system and financial spreadsheets.  Responsibilities shall include but are not limited to:

  1. As directed, ensure proper procedures and controls are adhered to following HFS policies and practices while maintaining the electronic accounting system;
  2. Ensure recording of all financial transactions of the organization are posted to the correct accounts;
  3. As directed, ensure the administration and recording of all financial transactions of the organization are done according to approved budget;
  4. Responsible for carrying out the activities of accounts payable and receivables following HFS procedures;
  5. Prepare and report the cash flow on a weekly/monthly basis;
  6. Support the Business Manager with Payroll and Benefits issues and inquiries, as required.
  7. Prepare monthly year-to-date statements, comparing actual revenues and expenditures to HFS approved budgets;
  8. Prepare Financial Statements with completed financial notes for the CEO and Board of Directors;
  9. Assist in the updating of the Accounting Procedures Manual and making procedure and policy recommendations to the Business Manager;
  10. Assist in the preparation for the annual audit. Provide any support required in the completion of the annual audit;
  11. As directed, ensure that an asset inventory list is kept up-to-date for insurance, auditing purposes, amortization, etc.;
  12. Assist with the gathering and analysis of information and/or preparation of financial reports for committee meetings;
  13. Compile financial information for funding and reporting, as requested;
  14. Enter all deposits in QuickBooks and reconcile monthly with Raiser’s Edge;
  15. Responsible for all bookkeeping duties including but not limited to the following:
  • Code, total, batch, enter, verify and reconcile transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll, purchase orders, cheques, invoices, cheque requisitions, and bank statements;
  • Process and enter all accounts payable transactions on a daily basis, including mileage claims, vendor invoices, and employee expense reports, with calculation of the HST rebate;
  • Verify that supporting documentation is complete for all payments, approved by appropriate individuals, and in compliance with HFS policy;
  • Generate weekly or as required cheque runs and online payments related to accounts payable;
  • Check other employee’s work to make sure that their final figures are correct, noting errors and the causes of any miscalculations;
  • Answer accounts payable inquiries from internal/external stakeholders, vendors and follow up on payment status and invoice discrepancies;
  • Ensure the timely processing of journal entries into the accounting system;
  • Monitor bank accounts daily for payments processed to confirm accuracy;
  • Reconcile WSIB, EHT and payroll deductions for annual reporting;
  • Reconcile bi-weekly payroll reports using QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets;
  • Investigate and resolve payroll issues with the Business Manager;
  • Reconciliation of annual T4 summary and other reports to HFS records as requested;

Facility and Property

Under the direction of the Business Manager, the Administrator will interface with the Business Manager in regards to:

  1. Negotiating contracts and act as contact for agreements on behalf of the Business Manager &/or the CEO with external businesses (security, snow removal, grounds keeping, waste management, maintenance, telephone and facility cleaning and insurance);
  2. Monitor and resolve sourcing, purchasing, and assist in returns and provide alternative solutions to achieve cost-reduction while maintaining high quality;
  3. Effectively negotiate with suppliers and vendors to the benefit of HFS business requirements and goals.
  4. Assist in the oversight of renovations/repairs, recommend financial plan for capital fund allocations re: systems replacements and building renovation and repairs


  1. Undertake special projects and other related duties consistent with the organization objectives as assigned by the Business Manager, the CEO or designate as well as other duties that may be assigned in general related to the job.

Candidate Profile:   


  1. Strong Interpersonal skills are required in order to interact effectively with individuals in a variety of roles;
  2. Ability to track, analyze data, and to calculate, post and manage accounting information and financial records with accuracy and attention to detail;
  3. Initiative is required to work with little supervision;
  4. Analytical and problem-solving skill;
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required;
  6. Knowledge of computer-based word processing, spreadsheets and financial accounting;
  7. Effective time management and organizational skills;
  8. Organizational skills are required to set priorities and produce results.


  1. Must be available to work some irregular hours, infrequently during evenings and weekends;
  2. Must be able to address multiple demands simultaneously.


  1. Professional Bookkeeper designation or certification preferred;
  2. Experience in administration, donor databases, finances and payroll processing;
  3. Education and or experience in financial reporting and the annual audit process for the charitable sector;
  4. Knowledge of all provincial and federal legislation applicable to the nonprofit charitable sector;
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office programs including but not limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook; working knowledge of database systems and their functions;
  6. Proficient in QuickBooks.

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