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Executive Director

  • Posted:Mar 21, 2023
  • Apply by:Mar 31, 2023
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  • Toronto, ON
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About this position


The Impakt Foundation for Social Change is a charitable organization established in 2019 with a mission to create opportunities for businesses to meet hiring needs and contribute to the success of newcomers through employment, research, advocacy, and measurement. Based in Toronto, the Impakt Foundation’s vision is a society where all newcomers have success in obtaining safe, equitable, inclusive jobs. The creation of the Impakt Foundation was inspired by the Tailor Project, an innovative employment initiative of the Canadian apparel industry that brought 2,500 Holocaust survivors and refugees to Canada after World War Two.

POSITION SUMMARY Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is accountable for advancing The Impakt Foundation for Social Change’s (Impakt Foundation) strategic vision and mission. The Executive Director has responsibility and bottom-line accountability for achieving the goals of the Impakt Foundation and overseeing the Impakt Foundation’s strategy, fundraising and revenue generation, communications, marketing, research and knowledge mobilization, policy and advocacy, and volunteer and stakeholder relations.


Leadership & Governance:

  • Report to the Board and maintain open communication with the Board by keeping them informed on all significant matters.
  • Impart a sense of mission and inspire a commitment to Impakt Foundation and its vision.
  • Work collaboratively with the Chair to enable the Board to fulfill its governance function in keeping with best practices.
  • Operate within the limitations prescribed by the Board of Directors through its various policies for governing the organization.
  • Government relations
  • Operate at a high level of expertise in fundraising with targets set out in annually submitted goals and objectives to the Board.

Finance, Planning & Operations:

  • Provide direction and leadership in the development, implementation and achievement of the strategic plan.
  • Establish a financial management framework and appropriate systems to support decision-making throughout the organization.
  • Recommend the yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manage resources within those budget guidelines, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Maintain a plan for the succession of the Executive Director and other senior management as applicable.
  • Identify the principal risks to the Impakt Foundation and implement appropriate systems and methods to manage these risks.
  • Ensure the Impakt Foundation has written personnel policies that are adhered to by all staff.
  • Provide for effective handling of disputes.
  • Work with and support a broad network of research partners; act as an effective knowledge transfer partner.

Fundraising and Communications

  • As the primary fundraiser for the organization, the ED will develop an annual fundraising plan, liaise with the board of directors, staff and volunteers as needed to achieve the organization’s fundraising goals.  
  • Provide stewardship to Impakt Foundation’s brand identity by overseeing the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.
  • Act as principal public representative and spokesperson for the Impakt Foundation.



The Executive Director will demonstrate an exceptional ability to build a high-performing leadership team with strong, visible, inspirational leadership that focuses on clear strategic direction and focused operational execution.

Communication Skills

The Executive Director must demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills and the ability to interact effectively with stakeholders at all levels. The Executive Director will act as the lead spokesperson for the organization and will inspire the staff and all stakeholders to see Impakt Foundation as a priority charity to support.

Commitment to Quality

The Executive Director must demonstrate a passion for factual, evidence-based decision making.

Business Aptitude

The Executive Director must be a leader with business acumen that inspires in every aspect of delivering the stated mission of the Impakt Foundation.

Fundraising Skills

The Executive Director will have the ability to build relationships with major donors or companies, make impactful presentations by searching for fundraising opportunities and raising awareness of the Impakt Foundation.

Personal Characteristics and Standards

  • An inspired leader who motivates people towards organizational excellence and strategic results.
  • A creative and innovative individual who brings and encourages fresh perspectives. Energetic, proactive and a positive catalyst for excellence and change.
  • A public persona conveying confidence, warmth and an engaging personal style whether in a public forum or in one-on-one conversations.
  • Highly visible, approachable and accessible to employees and stakeholders.
  • A person of moral and ethical character and integrity.
  • Politically astute with a diplomatic style; able to pull together seemingly disparate forces.
  • A good mentor skilled at developing outstanding people and building a strong team.
  • Demonstrates high self-esteem and self-confidence, but is balanced with an intimate knowledge of own strengths and limitations to a certain amount of humility.
  • Applies practical common sense to management decision-making.

The Impakt Foundation is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and to creating opportunities that empower people to achieve their full potential. We strive to attract and retain a diverse workforce where employees are inspired to provide an atmosphere of respect and encouragement for all. Throughour policies, practices and professional development, we aim to increase awareness and reduce barriers in order to positively influence the communities we serve.

Compensation: Competitive for a small start-up charitable organization and flexible to reflect experience and skill set of candidates.

Benefits: Health benefits package, paid time off.

Location:  Hybrid

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