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Digital Marketing Manager

  • Posted:Jan 12, 2022
  • Apply by:Feb 25, 2022
  • Job Type
  • Full Time
  • Job Level
  • Manager
  • Location
  • Toronto, ON
  • Impact Area
  • Housing
  • Impact Category
  • Social Enterprise
  • Company Type
  • Social Enterprise

About this position

Ourboro is looking for a passionate, experienced, and results-focused Digital Marketing Manager to join our growing team.

The Role
We are looking for an experienced B2C digital marketer who is genuinely excited to share our product with people across Canada. Your role is to manage, evaluate, and continuously improve our marketing assets and campaigns. You’ll be our in-house digital expert and draw on your experience managing social, CRM, data, analytics, and web. Using advanced working knowledge of data analytics and implementation, you will help us find and collect the right data, refine our tracking processes, and inform strategies to promote Ourboro, while improving conversions and increasing ROI.

You will not be alone. You’ll report to our Marketing Director and be responsible for managing relationships, timelines, and targets with our amazing roster of contractors. You will have experienced advisors you can call on and a collaborative and supportive team, all the way up to the Executive Team. This is a rare opportunity to come in early, build something from the ground up, and work directly with seasoned entrepreneurs who will support you along the way.

Desired Skills and Experience

As a brand new product, we expect the road to recognition will be full of twists and turns. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be prepared to build the road as we drive on it. Your top two accountabilities: driving targeted leads to our website while establishing Ourboro as the most desirable and trusted investment partner to achieve home ownership. To do this, we are looking for the following skills and experiences:

Proven B2C growth success: 5 year track record in B2C with a history of establishing new brands and growing passionate customer bases in new product categories.

Paid Digital Campaigns: You can work effectively with contractors to deliver impactful, results-driven digital campaigns. You know how to get the most out of our ad spend and can add value through analysis, messaging development, and a focus on high-quality acquisitions. You've shown a knack for making the right ad buys at the right time.

Capturing Insights and Analysis: You are curious. Like, really curious. You love nothing more than finding the right question to ask and then digging for the answer. You take that curiosity and use tools like Segment and Tableau to sift through a variety of data points. When that’s not enough, you engage with customers or would-be customers directly, or look for third party data resources to fill in the gaps.

Website Optimization: Using all the juicy user insights you glean, you can work with our team of developers and designers to optimize our website to better represent our brand, speak to our core audience, and improve conversion rates.

Driving Results: You believe that, at the end of the day, marketing is about results. Leads may help get us there, but you know that a lead doesn’t drive ROI - closed business does - and you use that belief to guide your efforts and energy every day.

What we’d like to see in our ideal candidate:

  • Your previous roles have required you to be great at project management and you have succeeded because you are highly organized and comfortable managing and delivering on multiple priorities in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You have strong analytical skills with the ability to capture marketing performance data, manipulate it, and distill into clear insights that will guide future business decisions.
  • You are creative and resourceful, and can turn your ideas quickly into implementations.
  • You have worked in different team environments and thrive when you collaborate with others but can also be super focused and work independently to get stuff done.
  • You operate with integrity, compassion, and transparency; both with customers and co-workers.
  • You own up to your mistakes and are comfortable sharing what you’ve learned from them.
  • You are passionate about the prospect of helping more people become homeowners.
  • Whether it came naturally or you worked hard to get it, you're a strong and thoughtful leader who genuinely cares about the people you work with

Why join Ourboro?
  • Leadership that will be present and eager to help you succeed in your role
  • Competitive salary, employee benefits, professional development budgets and flexible vacation
  • An opportunity to work alongside a team of thoughtful, kind people who care deeply about the mission of the organization
  • Hybrid work environment – work up to 4 days a week from wherever your please
  • A real commitment to work-life balance with management that puts our people first
  • Opportunity to work within a high-growth start-up with stable funding and BIG vision


About us

The Company
Recently launched, Ourboro is an entirely new way to buy and own homes. We do this by solving the #1 barrier to home ownership - the down payment. We invest up to $250K in our customer’s homes. It’s not a loan, so there is no interest and no additional debt. Instead, as a partner, we buy a share of the home.

Once our customers move in, we offer programs and services to help preserve and increase the home’s value. When it’s time to sell, we participate in our fair share of the gains or losses.

Too many people are being priced out of the housing market because home ownership is currently all or nothing. We are here to provide an alternative. Not everyone has access to a bank of Mom and Dad, and we want to be there for those who could use the extra backup, every step of the way.

More about Ourboro

A world where everyone can own real estate in their own way

We unlock home ownership for people, creating an opportunity for them to feel personally and financially resilient

We value humans first - When you get to be exactly who you are at work, you shine. We think about how a person may respond to something that we create or share in every aspect of our business, from a conversation to a technology tool. We center our processes and solutions around the people they're meant to help.

We value human potential - Potential thrives when we feel safe and the people around us are confident in our abilities. We know everyone on the team is worth investing in. We choose to instill the confidence needed to fulfill that potential. No one is perfect. No one is a “finished product”. There are always ways for us to stay humble and grow.

We value contribution - We are not a hands-off kind of team. Offering to lend a hand, or getting curious about a tangential project is part of our innate way of being. With that in mind, we expect that you contribute to other projects, whether you are on that team, or not. Whether it is your field of expertise, or not. Your voice matters. Collectively we are all working on different pieces that eventually must fit together. We expect people around you to listen to your contributions.

We value broad worldviews - We are unique in the ways we see the world, shaped and sharpened by our experiences, culture and context. We know that diverse thinking leads to broad viewpoints. Our product can be for anybody. Our team should be too. We actively aim to bring folks from diverse backgrounds together onto our team to reflect the world we're striving to build.

We value context, it matters - When someone succeeds or fails, it is not the end of their story. Rather it is the beginning of the learning journey. We dig deep to understand why something happened. When we understand why we get to grow, learn, and fulfill our potential more deeply. We assume best intent, but when we miss the mark, we attend to the impact we have on each other.

We value emotional engagement - We care about our team members. That means we care about how people feel. Alongside every challenge or accomplishment is a feeling accompaniment. Engaging on the emotional level will help us create better solutions and communicate with depth and sincerity.

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