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Equity and Inclusion Strategist for Bakau Consulting Inc.

  • Posted:Jun 24, 2022
  • Apply by:Jul 08, 2022
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About this position

About Bakau Consulting

Bakau Consulting is a full-service equity, inclusion and anti-racism consulting company based in Canada, with a global, intersectional approach. We believe in collective liberation, meaningful social change and the power of equity. Our commitment to these values is evidenced by our strategic range of services and our fun, fierce and no-bullshit approach to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI).  

Working Environment

We are currently all working remotely due to the pandemic and in ‘normal’ times, many of us still work from home or in co-working spaces as we do not have a collective office space.

At Bakau Consulting we are a small, enthusiastic, dynamic team who are passionate about social justice, anti-racism, anti-oppression, collective liberation and intersectional feminism. The team currently consists of 15 members and is steadily growing. We affirm one another, problem solve and strategize together, and collectively hold one another accountable to evolving inclusive practices.

Job Description for the Equity and Inclusion Strategist

An Equity & Inclusion Strategist at Bakau Consulting is a crucial part of the company. Our strategists engage with a variety of clients across a myriad of industries to support their organizational development and commitment to anti-oppressive and DEI values. Strategists work independently as well as collaboratively to bring progressive ideas to life through education, strategic planning, policy development and more!

Strategists are responsible for Bakau’s core services: Audits, Policy, and Workshops. They often facilitate existing Bakau workshops, shape new educational content, host focus groups, and participate in speaking engagements. They conduct DEI surveys, employ anti-oppressive edits to policy and documents, create thorough reports, and support clients’ ongoing progress. Strategists lead unique and innovative processes that guide clients into better futures where equity, intersectionality and anti-racism are centred.

Strategists at Bakau are aspirational strategic folks who bring their educational, lived, activist and professional experiences to the table to cultivate progress, innovation, community, reflection, and meaningful change.

Responsibilities of the Equity and Inclusion Strategist 

The range of responsibilities for this position includes:

  • Confidently facilitating workshops on anti-oppression and social justice topics

  • Supporting with workshop design and improvement

  • Communicating clearly and liaising with clients

  • Managing multiple client projects simultaneously

  • Effectively managing capacity and allowing for a balanced pace

  • Setting and meeting deadlines, and communicating proactively about all duties’ timelines

  • Conducting audits for clients’ organizations to achieve greater workplace safety, equity and inclusion

  • Liaising with Bakau’s research team to gather data through surveys and focus groups

  • Writing thorough reports including implications and meaningful recommendations for clients

  • Creative problem solving and strategizing

  • Working on projects such as events, resources, workbooks and more!

  • Facilitating and supporting strategic planning processes for clients

  • Providing ongoing consultation to clients

  • Actively engaging with the Bakau team as a collaborative team player

  • Attending team programming such as meetings, gatherings, and professional development

  • Following Bakau’s policies, systems, and procedures

  • Prioritizing admin work such as emails, Slack messages, form submissions, and more

Qualifications and Skills

What we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years of facilitation experience

  • 1+ years experience in strategic planning, organizational development or similar

  • Competency in and dedication to equity, social justice and anti-oppression values

  • Experience actioning equity, justice and anti-oppression values into tangible projects and outcomes (lived, grassroots, academic and professional experience all relevant)

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

  • Excellent capacity management skills

  • Ability to work independently and also collaborate with other team members

  • Ability to problem solve client issues and challenges

  • Ability to speak accessibly to a diverse range of knowledge levels and learning styles

  • Ability to facilitate both virtually and in-person

  • Good tech competency with tools such as Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom and Canva

  • Desire to grow with an evolving business and industry

Vacation and Extras

  • You’ll join a diverse team that is passionate about equity and justice

  • A space where your lived experience and authentic self and voice are valued

  • Flexibility to choose your own hours and work independently while being part of a supportive team (although most meetings and client interactions happen between 9-5, Monday to Friday)

  • 5 weeks (28 days) paid vacation per year

  • 10 paid Stat holidays + 4 extra company-wide days off per year

  • 8 personal days

  • Comprehensive health benefits

  • Life insurance

  • Annual bonuses (to be declared annually)

  • $300 professional development funds

  • $300 accessibility funds

  • 12 hours of team professional development

  • *minus EI and CPP from annual salary

We’re an Equitable Employer

Bakau Consulting strives to be an equitable employer. This means we seek to hire, train and engage people from diverse backgrounds, particularly those who experience systemic employment barriers.

The work and voices of marginalized genders, people of colour, Black and Indigenous people, people in the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, disabled people, neurodivergent people, immigrants and all people who are experiencing the consequences of systemic oppression are strongly centred and uplifted. We truly believe in prioritizing intersectionality in both our hiring and team dynamics, meaning we are committed to providing accommodations where requested to ensure those from all backgrounds can participate fairly in this process.

We believe in providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth within the company, prioritizing setting boundaries and ensuring there is time for rest, self-care and mutual support. Traditional standards of “professionalism” are low on our priority list - above and beyond the protected designations of the BC Human Rights Code, we are excited and open to working with people with all kinds of lived experiences.

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