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Fundraiser/Ambassador for International Community Development or Alberta Cancer

  • Posted:Jun 10, 2021
  • Apply by:Aug 09, 2021
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  • Calgary, AB
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About this position

About us

F2F Direct Consulting engages supporters of charitable organisations to increase public support for social causes both in Canada and overseas. We do this by developing passionate and well informed teams who inspire Canadians to provide consistent donations, over the long term, for their chosen cause.

About the Fundraising & Stewardship Position

If you have academic or work experience in social services, fundraising, customer service or retail sales, you likely have transferable skills that would make you a successful Fundraising or Stewardship Ambassador! In particular, this position has been of interest to seniors, people with call center and sales experience who would like to take their skills outdoors for the summer, and even landscapers and others who love being outside. Also, of course, people with experience in the not for profit and volunteer sectors.

Our team moves indoors through the colder months of the year.

We are representing a major international development charity and the Alberta Cancer Foundation, thanking their past supporters at the front door of their home in a safe way that meets safety standards concerning the potential spread of Covid-19.

Every ambassador represents only one of the two charitable organizations. 

Ideal job for people who are passionate about, or would like to develop an interest in, overseas community development or local cancer patient care.

More information about the charitable causes will be available during the interview process.

A very important part of this stewardship position is making a very genuine and informed expression of gratitude.

Depending on the cause you are representing, the fundraising aspect involves either:

- asking the supporter to sponsor a child from one of more than 40 countries, empowering the child, their families and community through projects that tackle poverty.

-Or, asking the supporter to renew or increase their monthly donations in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Supporters truly appreciate having a representative go out of their way to visit them on their home's doorstep from a Covid-19 safe distance.

The hours worked would be between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. Shifts move to an earlier start and stop time as the sun begins to set earlier in the fall.

Some earlier shifts on weekends may be a consideration.

You would require the use of your own vehicle. Your mileage would be reimbursed as per the Canada Revenue Agency's recommended rate of $0.59 per kilometer. We would also provide a monthly vehicle insurance allowance of $25.00. You would not require commercial vehicle insurance, but you would need occasional business use coverage on your vehicle through your current insurance provider.

Fundraising & Stewardship Ambassadors wear face-masks that have the charity's logo printed on it and are supplied with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. There is no need for physical contact between our Fundraising & Stewardship Ambassadors and the people they engage. Fundraising & Stewardship Ambassadors do not enter the homes of the people they engage.

While personability and personal integrity are necessary virtues in Fundraising & Stewardship Ambassadors, previous experience as a fundraiser is not necessary as F2F Direct Consulting provides extensive training.

F2F Direct Consulting is a fundraising agency, working strictly in the non-profit and charity sector.

Shifts are typically from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Starting wage is $21/hr and does not pay commission.

Part-time and Full-time positions available.

Paid sick days after about three months and full individual health benefits after six months.

What does a day in the life of one of our fundraisers look like?

Here's a testimonial from one of our team members about why she loves her job:

  • I get to practice the art of communication -connecting with people and inspire them, what an incredible skill to build on and maybe the number one useful skill in any project, school or professional area.
  • I get to be outside-meaning I get to breathe fresh air rather than stale inside/office air. I experience outside sounds, look up at the sky, rest my eyes on trees, plants, gardens, quaint houses, tall buildings, people, in an environment that changes continuously and so offers so much variety.
  • Team briefing-I absolutely love discussing and sharing creative ideas around work experiences, tools, improvement etc with a team dedicated to the health and support and development of the whole and you've got another of my dreams come true.
  • Flexibility- I have always been met with understanding and a willingness to be flexible regarding my schedule, within reason of course.
  • The hours- I like waking up whenever I want to -I still get up quite early but just the feeling that I don't HAVE to, lessens stress in my day. I have enough time as well as energy to work on personal projects before my shift starts - and it ends early enough to still have some chill out time in the evening. And, it's (generally) Monday to Friday.
  • Fulfilling- What I do, what I talk to people about, has a direct impact. It supports the kind of world I'd like to be a part of building and the kind of transformation I'd like to see happening in our competitive, lonely, consumer-driven society. A society where we can all embrace being true citizens and stewards of this planet and of each other.
  • Management- Supportive, encouraging, available, progressive-thinking and operating.

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